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Head-on Collision Accidents

Head-on collision .Head-on collisions are the most dangerous type of car accident and often result in serious injury or death. Being hurt in a head-on collision accident is a terrifying experience that can have significant physical, emotional, and financial repercussions for injured victims and their families. At Moore Law Firm, we understand how devastating being injured or losing a loved one in a head-on collision can be. We’re dedicated to fighting for injured victims’ rights and holding negligent parties accountable for their actions. We understand the legal nuances that are often involved in complex head-on collision cases and can help you recover maximum compensation for your damages.

Why Head-on Collisions Are Often Catastrophic

Front end collision accidents occur when two vehicles that are traveling in opposite directions crash into each other head-to-head. The force of impact can be devastating in these types of accidents, even if the cars aren’t traveling at a high speed. For example, if two cars traveling at 25 mph collide head-on, the force of impact for occupants of both cars would be like an accident happening at 50 mph. When vehicles collide in a head-on crash, each car suddenly stops. As they decelerate, occupants of the vehicles continue to be thrown around the inside of the car at the original speed of impact (50 mph). around inside the tight space at the original speed of impact. These types of powerful crashes often crush the front ends of both vehicles and cause small pieces of metal, glass, and plastic to become like shrapnel, which can cause catastrophic injuries and death. When the impact of a head-on crash is off-center, both vehicles may spin out of control, which can turn a two-car accident into a disastrous multicar pileup that may involve tractor-trailers and other types of vehicles.

Causes Of Head-on Accidents

Head-on collisions are often caused by a car crossing into a lane of oncoming traffic. There are a number of reasons why this may happen, including:

  • Improper or dangerous passing on a two-lane highway or road
  • Drowsy driving or falling asleep at the wheel
  • Distracted driving such as texting, talking on the phone or looking away from the road to adjust controls while driving
  • Entering a divided highway the wrong way
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Swerving to avoid potholes, debris, animals, or other obstacles in the road
  • Poor visibility caused by inclement weather or fog
  • Rollover accidents involving other cars or large trucks that result in vehicles flying into oncoming traffic
  • Being pushed into oncoming traffic due to being rear-ended while making a left turn
  • Reckless driving such as street racing or playing chicken

Common Injuries Sustained In Head-on Collisions

Catastrophic injuries sustained in head-on collisions are often life-altering. Unfortunately, many drivers and passengers are killed in head-on collisions as well. Common injuries include:

Broken or crushed legs and feet – It is very common for occupants’ legs, feet, and knees to crash into the dashboard or be crushed by the hood and engine of the car being smashed inward. These types of injuries often require extensive surgery, hospital stays, and rehabilitation and can result in amputation or permanent disability.

Head or brain injuryTraumatic brain injuries (TBI) can range from a mild concussion to injuries that cause debilitating physical, emotional, and psychological disorders. These types of injuries can impede your ability to earn a living and seriously degrade your quality of life.

Neck, back, and spinal injuries – Whiplash, herniated discs, severe sprains and strains, and spinal injuries can have painful, disastrous consequences. It’s not uncommon for an occupant of a car in a head-on accident to suffer a severed spine, which leads to paralysis and a need for lifelong medical care and assistance.

Disfigurement – Serious lacerations and burns sustained in head-on collisions can cause disfigurement. When this occurs on areas of the body that are exposed, like the face, hands, and arms, it can have a negative impact on your self-esteem, social interaction, and mental and physical health.

Broken bones – In addition to damaging your legs and feet, being involved in a head-on collision can cause broken ribs, arms, hips, and skull fractures. These injuries can often take months to heal and require extensive rehabilitation.

Organ damage – If not detected right away, internal bleeding and organ damage can be deadly. Permanent organ damage can lead to organ failure and cause other systems of the body to fail. Although organ transplants are possible in some cases, there are often years-long waiting lists and your health can be permanently damaged.

Types of Damages

All of these injuries come at a high physical, emotional and financial cost. Our car accident lawyers ensure your claim is accurately valued so you get the long-term care you need and protect your financial future. Our team can help you recover compensation for:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Past and future loss of income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of companionship and consortium
  • Other damages

Wrongful Death In Head-on Collision Cases

Unfortunately, some victims of head-on collisions don’t make it out alive. If your loved one was killed by a negligent or drunk driver, you may be entitled to punitive damages. Alabama’s wrongful death law is complex. Wrongful death is a civil lawsuit must be brought on behalf of the estate of the person who died, within two years of the date of death. Many families don’t know how to go about pursuing a wrongful death claim and miss this deadline. Our car accident attorneys can help you understand your rights under the law and provide the compassionate support you need to bring a wrongful death suit against the negligent party.

Why You Need An Auto Accident Attorney After A Head-on Collision

Each claim is unique, and although fault may seem cut-and-dry, having an attorney assess your case is never a bad idea. Although Alabama is an “at-fault” state when it comes to personal injury claims, contributory negligence is also applied if fault is shared among the involved parties. If you contributed to a head-on collision accident in any way, you may not be able to recover any damages. That’s why you need a car accident attorney who is experienced in proving negligence in these types of cases. Insurance companies do everything they can to deny or minimize claims. Our auto accident lawyers are well-versed in the tactics they often employ and aggressively fight for your rights to help you get the compensation you deserve. We work on a contingency basis, which means that you won’t pay attorney fees unless we recover a settlement for you.

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