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Defective Air Bag Lawsuit

Airbags can save lives, but at the same time Airbags that are defectively designed can cause injuries or death.  If an airbag fails to perform as it should in a crash then there could be a potential for a personal injury or wrongful death claim. Airbag defects include failing to deploy, delay in deployment and spontaneous explosion cases.  These issues may be tied to a mechanical issue, a sensor issue that triggers deployment, or a deployment speed issue.

While intended to help prevent injuries in an accident, airbag defects may actually cause severe injuries. Obviously, if an airbag fails to deploy, there may be an airbag claim. However, there may be other types of airbag claims.

What to look for in a potential defective airbag lawsuit claim?

The general elements that are necessary to prove a successful claim against a manufacturer of an airbag are as follows:


  1.   Either the air bag deployed at speeds it was not supposed to (i.e. less than 10 mph collision and it deployed); OR
  2.   Airbag failed to deploy where there is obvious damage that would have triggered deployment; OR
  3.   Airbag deployed late; OR
  4.   Airbag deployed too quickly OR
  5.   Airbag deployed spontaneously without an impact.

AND it must lead to a serious injury or death.   (*The reason for the significance of the injury being required for our firm to examine a case is due to the expenses involved in litigating a case against a vehicle and airbag manufacturer).

Takata Airbag Recall

Takata does not manufacture every airbag, however Takata claims involve claims that the susceptible of exploding with lethal force in even minor accidents.

The problem with Takata airbags stems from the company’s use of ammonium nitrate as the chemical airbags inflator. Other suppliers avoided using ammonium nitrate in their airbag inflators due to the chemical’s high volatile nature. However, Takata, due to costs, chose to use ammonium nitrate which can lead to lethal explosions and metal shrapnel from the canister being propelled in the vehicle cabin as a result of the explosion. Thus leading to significant injury or death.

If you feel you have a claim involving a defective airbag of any manufacturer, including but not limited to Takata, then contact our Mobile Alabama Airbag Lawsuit Attorneys today for a free consultation. Call us today at 251-445-7602.

It is extremely urgent to not delay as evidence that is needed to be preserved could be destroyed if the vehicles are not preserved shortly after an accident. ,