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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding an Automobile Accident


The Insurance Company has offered me a quick injury settlement in my case. I am still hurting should I take it?
Can I settle my property damage claim before my injury claim?
Do I need an attorney to help with my claim?
I have health insurance that paid my medical bills and the at-fault insurance company has offered me a separate injury settlement. Should I accept it?
My friend hired an attorney in her car accident claim and in the end her attorney charged an attorney fee that was more than she received. Does this happen?
What questions should I ask if I decide to hire an attorney to handle my claim?
I do not have health insurance, so how can I get treated for my injuries?
I do not understand all the different insurance coverages such as liability, med-pay, uninsured motorist, comprehensive, umbrella coverage, and secondary excess coverages. How does all of this work?
What is my injury claim worth?
I cannot afford an attorney, so am I stuck handling case my own?
Why do I need to hire an attorney? Won’t the insurance company offer me something on my case?
I just got in an accident and I heard I had to fill out a form called the SR-13 form or my license will be suspended. Is this true?
I have a question in regards to an accident I was involved in and it is not on this page. Where can I find the answer?
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