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By: wpadmin | Dec 26, 2014

Granuflo® and NaturaLyte® are products used in the dialysis process. On June 27, 2012, the FDA issue a Class 1 recall of GranuFlo® and NaturaLyte®. A Class 12 recall is the most serious FDA recall, reserved for situations in which the FDA deems “there is a reasonable probability that the use of or exposure to a violative product will cause serious adverse health consequences or death.” Use of these dialysis products has been linked to an increase risk of cardiopulmonary arrest and sudden cardiac death. The manufacture, Fesnius Medical Care, was aware of the dangers and injuries associated with these products, but failed to warn patients and doctors until 2012. If you are impacted by these findings, you could benefit from consulting a drug recall attorney. Mobile, AL residents should not feel powerless; instead, look to Moore Law Firm for guidance.