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How To Help A Loved One With Traumatic Brain Injury

By: Fred Moore | May 16, 2018

Suffering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is often a harrowing and life-changing experience. Recovering from a TBI can take months or even years; and some people suffer permanent brain injuries that last a lifetime. Our personal injury attorneys at Moore Law Firm understand the impact that traumatic brain injuries can have on victims and their families. We provide our clients with the support and legal assistance they need to protect their financial security and ensure that their medical bills are taken care of.

Steps To Take To Help Your Loved One

There are different types and levels of TBI. Each brain injury is unique, and victims can suffer from mild to severe symptoms, which can range from headaches and mood swings, to memory issues, seizures and a host of other problems. If you know someone with a traumatic brain injury, there are a quite a few things you can do to help.

  1. Make Sure Your Loved One Receives Appropriate Medical Care

When someone is injured, immediate medical care is a priority. Make sure your loved one receives proper medical attention and diagnostic tests such as a CT scan and MRI to determine the extent of his or her injuries. Help your loved one schedule and attend appointments for treatment and follow-up care in the days, weeks and months following his or her injury. Helping with medication, household duties and getting him or her to rehabilitation and therapy appointments also can make life easier for a person suffering from a TBI.

  1. Consult A Personal Injury Lawyer

If your loved one is incapacitated, he or she will need an advocate to ensure his or her rights are protected. A personal injury lawyer will evaluate the facts of the case and advise your loved one on how to best pursue just compensation. An attorney can help with filing claims and dealing with insurance companies and ensure that deadlines and statutes of limitations are met in a timely manner so all of your loved one’s legal bases are covered.

  1. Help Your Loved One Find Emotional Support

People who have suffered traumatic brain injuries often experience mood swings, depression, anxiety and other mental health and cognitive issues. Getting used to functioning with a traumatic brain injury can be challenging for both the person with the TBI and his or her caregivers. The whole family can benefit from seeking counseling or joining a support group of people who have experience with similar situations.

If your loved one is suffering from a traumatic brain injury, contact our Alabama personal injury attorneys at Moore Law Firm to schedule a consultation today.