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Medical Device and Drug Recall Cases in Mobile, Al

drug reaction casesAdvancements in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry offer lifesaving benefits for those struggling with deadly and chronic conditions, and we have a greater quantity and variety of drug treatments than in any other time in history. But when large drug companies put profits over social responsibility, unsafe pharmaceuticals and medical devices enter the marketplace and put the public at great risk.

Drug Safety and the FDA

The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for ensuring the safety and efficacy of drugs, medical devices, animal drugs, and the nation’s food. Sometimes, however, the FDA and pharmaceutical companies fail to conduct sufficient testing on new drugs and medical products to ensure that they are safe for use. Additionally, inadequate or confusing warning labels subject the public to unnecessary harm. And occasionally, drug companies withhold required information from the FDA in order to get a new product approved and rushed to market.

Drug and Medical Device Recalls

When pharmaceutical companies push unproven and ineffective drugs and medical devices to market, consumers suffer. Some are left with debilitating or life-altering conditions from undisclosed potential side effects that require additional treatment. Many of these products pose such a threat to the public that their makers are compelled to issue recalls and additional warnings. Some of these drugs and devices include

Pharmaceutical Injury Lawsuit Liability

When drug companies fail to properly test their products or they attempt to hide or withhold pertinent information on the safety of their products, they can be held liable in a defective product liability lawsuit if their products cause injury or harm to consumers. Additionally, pharmacists and their employees who make mistakes when filling prescriptions can be held liable if harm results from their mistake.

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