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Mental Health Abuse Cases

nurse verbally abusing patient

Mental health abuse cases may be harder to detect than abuse cases in other patients due to communications challenges faced by mentally impaired patients, but the aftereffects are every bit as damaging. At Moore Law Firm, we’re here to help. With one of our experienced attorneys at your side, you aren’t left on your own to handle the aftereffects of being assaulted in a mental healthcare setting.

Mental Health Abuse Cases

The mental health professionals who care for you in a doctor’s office, nursing home or hospital setting are obligated to protect you from injury. That means a patient should never experience any form of physical abuse such as violent shaking, hitting, scratching or inappropriately applied restraints that lead to a patient developing injury. When a mental health patient is assaulted in a medical setting, it can be even more traumatizing because a person who is supposed to protect you is the one hurting you.

Abuse From Medical Staff Members

When medical staff members assault a patient in a facility for mental healthcare, it isn’t acceptable. If you feel you’ve been abused by a medical professional, or if you suspect one of your loved ones has been abused, schedule a consultation with an attorney right away to learn about your rights.

Abuse From Other Patients

In addition to providing proper care, medical caregivers are required to protect patients from other patients who may become abusive. For example, if a loved one is left in a room with a mentally unstable patient and that patient injures him or her, then the caregiver has failed to protect. That’s when it’s time to bring in an attorney to help get compensation for something that wouldn’t have happened if the caregiver had acted appropriately.

Spotting the Signs Of Abuse in Mental Health Patients

Abuse can be harder to spot when dealing with mental health patients who may have trouble vocalizing issues. However, there are some common signs you can look for in loved ones who may have been abused. For example, a mental health patient who has been abused may be anxious, hypervigilant or have trouble sleeping. Mental health patients who are abused may also experience severe bouts of depression, anger or wild mood swings. Then there are the obvious signs of abuse such as abrasions and bruises.

Surviving Mental Health Abuse

Healing from an assault that occurs in a medical setting can be a long process, especially for patients who are already dealing with mental health issues. That’s part of why it’s so important to enlist the help of an experienced attorney to help the patient get compensation for injuries — it gives you the assaulted patient an opportunity to tell the story about what happened and to get justice.

A compensation award helps you cover the cost of rebuilding life after the injury. Plus, it can help protect others by ensuring the medical caregiver understands the seriousness of the issue and can’t repeat the same pattern with other patients.

Who would Ultimately Pay any Award?

In terms of who can be responsible, it depends on if the mental health facility is state owned facility or privately owned. If it is State owned, there are many legal hurdles that have be passed to get a recovery due to immunity issues. However, with an experienced attorney on your side, this can be done. Privately ran facilities are easier to obtain a recovery from, if there is insurance coverage. While a claim against a privately ran facility typically does not involve immunity defenses, it can be difficult to recover due to lack of insurance coverage. This is why hiring an attorney immediately is important.

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