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Motorcycle Accidents In Mobile, AL

motorcycle accident casesWere you or a loved one recently involved in a motorcycle accident? Then you need a motorcycle accident attorney. In Mobile, residents call Moore Law Firm. It is unfortunate, but we see many catastrophic injury cases and death cases surrounding our client’s operating a motorcycle. In Alabama in 2008, there were 2,108 reported accidents involving motorcycles. Of these accidents, resulted in 1,495 injuries sustained by the motorcyclist and 98 motorcyclist fatalities. This lead to an astounding rate of 76% of accidents involving motorcycles resulting in injury or death. For information concerning United States Motorcycle Accident Injuries and Death please click here.

While safety equipment including wearing a helmet can minimize the severity of injury, most accidents involving motorcycles lead to severe injury. Moore Law Firm has been in has handled hundreds of cases involving motorcyclists sustaining serious injury or death. Moore Law Firm also supports Motorcycle Safety Events in the Mobile Community and was an active sponsor of Abba Shriner’s Biker’s Bar, which not only advocates for Motorcycle Safety and Awareness, but also is heavily involved in helping burn children get treatment. Moore Law Firm is heavily focused on helping the community through not only our representation of clients, but also in our giving back to the community.

Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer is a very important and difficult decision an injury victim can go through. With many Attorneys from out of state advertising on television, often times clients are unsure as to who to hire for their case. There are many competent motorcycle accident lawyers in Mobile, AL to choose from so be sure to research each law firm. We have many Google Reviews written by past clients that show how hard we will work for you. We also offer Free consultations to help answer any questions you may have. If you are unable to come to our office we can come to you. At Moore Law Firm, we can also assist you in getting the medical treatment you need with no out of pocket costs and make sure that all insurance coverage is discovered and recovered against.

We NEVER charge more in Attorneys Fees than our Client puts in Pocket, which is very important if there is limited coverage with high injuries which is often the case in a motorcycle accident. If you need a motorcycle accident attorney in Mobile, then call Moore Law Firm so we can help you get the compensation you deserve so.

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