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Motorcycle, helmet, and broken glass on the street after collision with a car

Priorities Post-Motorcycle Accident: A Checklist

By: Fred Moore | Feb 5, 2023

While there’s nothing like hitting the road on your bike on a beautiful day, motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to injury when involved in a crash. The steps you take after a motorcycle accident in Alabama can have a significant impact on a personal injury claim you may file if the crash was someone else’s fault. The motorcycle accident lawyers at Moore Law Firm have helped more than 15,000 personal injury victims in Mobile, AL, and surrounding areas. They offer some advice on what to do after a motorcycle crash.

Move To Safety, But Leave Your Bike

It’s important to get out of harm’s way after an accident. It can be tempting to try and move your motorcycle, but this can be dangerous and compromise valuable evidence. Not only that, attempting to move your bike may exacerbate injuries you may have sustained in the crash. Stay in a safe place and wait for EMTs to arrive.

Keep Your Gear On

You may have the urge to remove your helmet, jacket, or other gear, but it’s best to leave it on. In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, it’s common to have a spike of adrenaline and experience physical and emotional shock. You may not realize that you have a neck or head injury, and removing your helmet can cause further damage. Even taking off gear like boots and gloves can cause problems if you’ve suffered injuries in those areas.

Call 911

It’s critical to call the police or 911 as soon as you can. If you’re unable to call yourself, ask another driver or bystander to do it if they haven’t already. Paramedics can evaluate your condition, perform first aid, and take you to the hospital to get medical care. Police will investigate the accident, interview witnesses, and write a report, which can provide valuable evidence of who was at fault.

Gather Evidence

If possible, gather as much evidence as you can at the scene of an accident. If you are able, take photos of the scene, damage to your motorcycle and other vehicles, and your injuries. Capturing images of road signs, traffic signals, skid marks, and anything else you make think is relevant can be useful as well. If you’re unable to move, ask someone to take photos and videos for you.

Get Contact Information

Make sure to get insurance, a driver’s license, and contact information from other motorists involved in the accident. Ask any witnesses for their contact information and a statement if they wish to give one. Be polite, but don’t say anything like “I’m sorry,” or “it was my fault”. In fact, it’s best to say as little as possible. If someone else was at fault, their insurance company will investigate the accident. Insurance adjusters will use any excuse to try to shift blame onto anyone but their insured, and your words can easily be twisted.

Seek Medical Attention

Motorcycle accidents can cause very serious injuries that may not be apparent right away. Going to the emergency room can help to ensure injuries like internal bleeding, broken bones, head and neck injuries, and spinal injuries are detected as soon as possible. Make sure to follow all doctor’s instructions, attend appointments, and follow the recommended course of treatment for your injuries. Keep bills and receipts for all accident and injury-related expenses. It’s also a good idea to document how you feel and how your injuries have affected your life in a daily diary.

Contact A Mobile Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Do not give a statement to any insurance adjusters, sign anything, or accept a settlement before talking to a motorcycle accident lawyer. It’s best to find a lawyer as soon as possible – if you’re unable to do so, have a loved one contact a personal injury law firm for you. A personal injury lawyer will evaluate your case at no charge and advise you on whether you have a viable claim. If you do, they can handle all aspects of it and fight to help you recover damages such as medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Schedule A Consultation With A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer In Mobile, AL

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