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Steps To Take Following An Auto Accident In Mobile, Alabama

Whether you’re involved in a minor fender bender or a serious car accident with injuries, you’re thrown into an unexpected and stressful situation. Following these steps helps you document the accident, avoid costly mistakes and prepare to file auto accident claims. Moore Law Firm advises clients to always check for injuries, document the damage and call the police.

Initial Steps

  • Your first concern should always be the safety of yourself and others. If you’re injured, seek immediate medical attention, otherwise check on other accident victims.
  • Leave your vehicle where it is until the police arrive, unless it’s significantly hampering traffic. If it’s operational and only if it is impeding traffic, carefully drive it to the side of the road. If your vehicle is inoperable, turn on your emergency flashers and explore towing options.
  • Always file a police report, because even minor car accidents require a report for your insurance company and auto accident claims, including personal injury and/or property damage claims.
  • Write down or record everything you remember about the accident while it’s still fresh, including weather, road and traffic conditions during the event.
  • Don’t argue, apologize or admit fault. Any statement of guilt can be used against you in a lawsuit.

Gather Information

Always exchange insurance information and notify your insurance agent immediately. Your insurance company may have a mobile app and/or accident checklist to make documenting the accident easier. Some pertinent information to gather following the accident includes:

  • Names and contact information of everyone involved, including potential witnesses.
  • Makes, models and license plate numbers of all vehicles involved.
  • Time and location of the accident.
  • Names and badge numbers of police personnel.

Auto accident claims often hinge on photos of the accident scene. Cellphone photos usually suffice and should include vehicle damage, injuries, nearby traffic signs, the surrounding area, accident participants, witnesses and any other details that seem important.

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Hiring experienced legal counsel to process auto accident claims is crucial. Insurance adjusters aren’t on your side. Their job is to settle for the lowest amount possible. Even simple claims are often disputed or even denied. At Moore Law Firm, we help you sift through your legal options and answer complicated questions about the claim process. If you’re injured in an automobile accident in Mobile, Alabama, contact us 24/7 for a free, no-obligation case evaluation. We never charge a fee until we successfully win your settlement.