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7 Truck Driving Safety Tips From An Accident Attorney

By: Fred Moore | Oct 11, 2018

Many truck drivers love what they do. Seeing the country while cruising the open road sounds like a blast, doesn’t it? Trucking is one of the most important — and dangerous — jobs in the United States, and driving a big rig means that your life and the lives of others are in your hands every time you get behind the wheel. These seven truck driving safety tips from our big truck accident attorney at Moore Law Firm can help keep you safe, happy and healthy on the road.

Safety Tips For Truck Drivers

  1. 1. Keep A Close Eye On Blind Spots

Truck accidents are most likely to occur when other motorists are driving in your blind spots. These areas are typically off to the side right in front of the cab, immediately behind your side mirrors and directly behind your truck. Motorists in other vehicles are often unaware of these blind spots and may drive dangerously close to them. Always exercise extreme caution and look twice to avoid accidents when changing lanes or turning.

  1. 2. Obey The Speed Limit

Specific speed limits for trucks are posted for a reason. Following the speed limit, especially in work zones and hilly or mountainous areas, can prevent thousands of accidents and fatalities each year.

  1. 3. Take It Slow On Curves And Ramps

There are times when driving way below the posted speed limit is crucial. A large truck can easily tip over if you take curves too fast. Slow down on exit ramps to ensure that you have plenty of stopping distance to avoid hitting whatever may be in front of you.

  1. 4. Slow Down In Bad Weather

Inclement weather is responsible for almost one-fourth of all speeding-related truck driving accidents. If you’re driving in the rain, reducing your speed by a third can save lives. In snow and ice, reducing your speed by half can keep you and others much safer on the road. It’s also important to allow more time for maneuvering in bad weather. Signal well in advance before changing lanes or turning. If the weather makes it unsafe to drive, pull over in a safe place.

  1. 5. Load Cargo Properly

Always follow Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations when loading and securing cargo. Remember that the higher you stack your freight, the more drag on the truck. If you can, stack cargo lower and spread the freight evenly through the full space of the truck for improved handling and your fuel economy.

  1. 6. Keep Up On Proper Maintenance And Repair

Give your truck a thorough once-over every time you get on the road. Check fluid levels and ensure that your brakes, horn, lights and mirrors are in good working order before you begin your journey. If anything seems awry, have it checked before attempting to drive.

  1. 7. Take Good Care Of Yourself

Getting plenty of sleep, eating a healthy diet, exercising and relaxing during your down time will help you feel more refreshed and at ease, which makes for safer driving habits when you’re behind the wheel.

If You’ve Been Injured, Contact A Truck Accident Attorney

While these truck driving safety tips from our accident attorney can help keep you safe, serious accidents and injuries still happen. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a truck accident, call Moore Law Firm at 251-445-7602 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.