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Workers’ Compensation FAQs

Workers’ comp lawyerWhat Is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation insurance provides payment for medical treatment and lost wages to employees who have been injured at work. In Alabama, employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance if they have five or more employees and can face steep fines, criminal prosecution, and liability lawsuits if they fail to do so. The attorneys at Moore Law Firm are experienced in the claims process for workers’ compensation in Alabama and provide a free initial consultation that can help you understand your rights as an injured worker.

What Type Of Workers’ Comp Benefits Am I Entitled To Receive?

If you are injured on the job during the line and scope of your employment, you are typically entitled to the cost of medical treatment and the wages you lost while you were injured. You also may be entitled to disability or injury payment.

Is Alabama Workers’ Compensation fault-based?

No. You are entitled to workers’ compensation in Alabama regardless of whether or not you were at fault for your injuries.

What Should I Do If I’m Hurt On The Job In Alabama?

After any accident, it is critical to seek medical treatment and report the incident to your supervisor or HR department as soon as possible. Under Alabama workers’ compensation law, your employer may choose the health care providers to treat your injuries. Ask for a list of approved providers and see a physician or go to the emergency room right away. If you are dissatisfied with your treatment, upon advising your employer, you may select a second physician from a panel or list of four health care providers selected by your employer.

Why Should I Hire An Attorney?

Unfortunately, many employers and their insurance companies try to pay as little as possible on workers’ compensation claims in Alabama. An Alabama workers’ compensation lawyer will be your advocate and fight for your rights to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Attorney fees vary, but are capped at 15 percent of the total disability payout, according to Alabama law. If you have sustained a work-related injury due to a defective product, your attorney may be able to help you recover compensation from the manufacturer or distributor of that product as well.

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