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Moore Law FirmMoore Law Firm has provided quality legal assistance to injury victims and their families since 1985. The founding partner, Stephen (Steve) Moore, has represented over 12,000 injury victims spanning over 30 years. Moore Law Firm has an AV Attorney Rating, which is the highest rating recognized for law firms. Moore Law Firm is dedicated to helping injury victims get the treatment they need and the recovery they deserve.After being involved in an accident, far too often, injury victims are unsure as to which Attorney to hire to handle their case. With so many Attorneys in the market, in the phone book, on the internet, and on television, this can be a very difficult decision to make. Obviously, every Attorney feels that they are qualified to handle cases and that they are the best Attorney for you to hire. We are no different, in that we believe we are one of the best law firms in helping clients achieve good results with their cases. However, we are different in many ways from other firms.

#1. Moore Law Firm has a high success rate in claims and has been in existence for over 30 years helping over 12,000 injury victims achieve successful results.

#2. Moore Law Firm is not on television and does not spend millions of dollars on advertising like other firms to get your business.  Instead Moore Law Firm has and will continue to primarily get business by past clients and others spreading the word about how we have helped injury victims in a professional and caring way.

#3. Moore Law Firm has a network of doctors that agree to not charge our clients until the end of their case, which allows them to get necessary treatment for their injuries without coming out of pocket.

#4. Moore Law Firm offers FREE consultation and agrees to NEVER charge you an attorney fee until we are successful in recovering for you.  This means NO out of pocket costs or expenses until the end of your case.

#5. Moore Law Firm Attorneys, Stephen C. Moore (Steve) and Frederick J. Moore III (Fred), give clients their cell phone numbers so that they can be easily contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Clients are always welcome to contact us at any time if they have a question or concern.

#6. Moore Law Firm NEVER charges an Attorney fee on Property Damage claims unlike many other firms.

#7. Finally and most importantly, Moore Law Firm will NEVER charge more in Attorney fees than our client puts in pocket.  There will never be a horror story where you pay the Doctor and pay the Attorney and do not put anything in your pocket.

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