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Most personal injury attorneys that handle injury cases charge a contingency fee on the recovery of the case. Thus there are no upfront fees and FREE consultations as the fee is contingent on a successful outcome. We are no different in this aspect.

However, Moore Law Firm, has taken this a step further. For over 35 years, we have always guaranteed not only a reasonable contingency fee on most cases of 33 1/3%, but also guaranteeing that clients will always get more than we charge thus keeping our promise of low attorney fees. This is extremely important when dealing with limited insurance coverage, bigger injuries cases or high medical bill cases where if attorneys charged a full fee they would be typically getting more than a client walks away with. 

Let’s assume that you are involved in a significant car accident case where you incurred medical bills of $75,000.00 and no health insurance.  You decide to hire a personal injury lawyer that charges a 40 % fee contract (not our firm) and does not guarantee you get more than they do.  Let’s also assume that they get a policy limit settlement of $150,000.00

Total Settlement Amount:  $150,000

Attorney Fees (40%):  – $60,000

Medical Expenses Paid:  – $75,000

Client’s Net Recovery:  $15,000

As you can see in the example above, the client’s share of the settlement is significantly  less than the attorney fees.




Moore Law Firm has prided itself since 1985 on most cases including automobile accidents and slip and fall cases of charging a 33 1/3% (or 1/3) fee contract.   This is lower than most attorneys in the Mobile Area who charge 40% or even 45% on cases.   

In the example above our 33 1/3% Attorney Fee leads to a big savings.

Total Settlement Amount:  $150,000

Attorney Fees (33 1/3%):  – $50,000

Medical Expenses Paid:  – $75,000

Client’s Net Recovery:  $25,000

In this situation the difference in a 40% fee contract and a 33 1/3% fee contract is an extra $10,000 for the client.  Thus the lower fee contract leads to an automatic benefit to the client of $10,000.00.  However, Moore Law Firm does not stop there….


Since 1985, Moore Law Firm has always held the opinion that the client will always walk away from a case settlement where they are injured with more money than the attorney fee.  This is the GET MOORE GUARANTEE. 

Here’s how it works….

In the two prior examples of the 40% vs. 33 1/3% fee contract, the client received less money than the attorney.  At Moore Law Firm, this never happens.  Despite our firm charging one of the LOWEST fees in Mobile, we also guarantee clients get more than us.  In our example above, even though we were charging a 33 1/3% fee and it was a $10,000 savings over a 40% Attorney Fee, we would still be making $25,000 more than our client.  This NEVER happens at our firm.  Thus in this example we would reduce our fee and bring our Clients Net Recovery or Proceeds up.

Here is how the Settlement would look:

Gross Total Settlement Amount:  $150,000

Attorney Fees – $37,500 ($12,500 reduction)

Medical Expenses Paid:  – $75,000

Client’s Net Recovery:  $37,500

 As you can see, by getting the GET MOORE GUARANTEE, we reduced our fee $12,500 and increased the clients recovery $12,500 to honor our promise that we never get more than a client puts in pocket after paying the outstanding medical bills. By charging a lower fee (33 1/3% vs. 40%), there is an automatic savings of $10,000 for the client. By Guaranteeing our clients get more than us, there is an additional $12,500 savings.

Thus the difference when comparing a firm that charges a 40% fee and Moore Law Firm on a 33 1/3% fee and the GET MOORE GUARANTEE, there is an increase in client’s in pocket of  $22,500 on a settlement of $150,000. 

If you are injured and in need of an Attorney, feel free to contact us today and get the GET MOORE GUARANTEE.